Picture Day

Picture Day –

Our Picture Day(s) schedule with team times  listed below.  We are happy to have one of our league sponsors, Smiling Shamrock Photography, taking pictures again for us this year.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time.


Monday 5/6 at Duffy Park   Tuesday 5/7 at Duffy Park  
Major Orioles 4:30 Pictures   PW Nationals 4:30 Pictures
Major Dodgers 4:45 Pictures   PW Marlins 4:45 Pictures
Major A’s 5:00 Pictures   PW Pirates 5:00 Pictures
Major Red Sox  5:15 Pictures   PW Red Sox  5:15 Pictures
Minor Red Sox 5:30 Pictures   PW Dodgers 5:30 Pictures
Minor A’s 5:45 Pictures   PW Orioles 5:45 Pictures
Minor Orioles 6:00 Pictures   MUD HENS 6:00 Pictures
Minor D-Backs 6:15 Pictures   TIN CAPS 6:15 Pictures
Minor Pirates 6:30 Pictures   BATS 6:30 Pictures
Minor Dodgers 6:45 Pictures   TIMBER RATTLER 6:45 Pictures
Minor Royals 7:00 Pictures   Yard Goats 7:00 Pictures
Minor Nationals  7:15 Pictures   Red Wings  7:15  Pictures