2017  Rosters


Astros Blue Jays Expos Padres
Jason Rech Brian Harmon Jim Hall Joe Terri
Danny  Doyle Connor  Callahan Owen Brady Billy Buchanan
Ryan Jakob Jemai  Cummings Bryce Burrell Matthew Hynes
Tyler  Kummer Patrick  Harenberg Nicholas Demas Wyatt Jackson
Marsi McMahon Matt  Harmon Grady  Elwood Billy Jacobsen
Gavin O’Connor Tommy  Hughes Nikolas Hall Thomas Murray
Ryan  Rech Thomas  Jarosz-Gobby Nolan  Keenan Danny O’Connor
Ben Shomody Max  Justic Brian  Leahy Matthew Pikus
Eddie Van Dellen Cormac  Molloy Dominic Lullo Colin Quinn
Colin Vucko Patrick  Moroney Timmy McKeon Nicholas  Riordan
Casey  Wollenberg Danny  Speski Danny Reynolds  Emmanuel Sagaille
            Dan  Terri
Phillies Pirates Red Sox Yankees
Terry Doran Matt Senger Tim Harkins Tom Gricus
Alejandro  Amador Armani Bravo-Hassan Max Bilas Quinn Botta
Jimmy Crane Luke Bishop Robert Cipolla Joseph Camer
Brendan  Doran Billy Bulger Billy  Duffner Christopher Chigaros
Colin Goggin Vinny Burchett Jimmy Gricus Ryan Carter
Caleb Keyser Brendan Dickman Timmy Harkins Charlie Gricus
Matthew Mckee Colin Dickman Devin Horace Billy Gricus
Wyatt Olszewski Fionn Doherty Shea Leahy Austin Hohman
Christian  Pierce Patrick Gilhooly Jack Rourke Joe Lombardo
Brian  Sheehan Jay Jilek James Spencer Quinn Lyons
Michael Visser Emmitt  Senger James Templin JD  Maloney
     Gavin Ryan Kevin Tomkins Austin Mrskos



Our Purpose

The object of this club will seek to implant in the youth of our community ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty and courage.

This objective will be achieved by providing recreational activity for as many of our youth as the organizational personnel deems necessary and as parental participation will allow. All shall bear in mind that exceptional athletic skill and the winning of games are secondary and that the formation of sound character is of prime importance.

Though the name Evergreen Park Boys Club may be construed as limited, registration of participants will be open to any child, male or female, within the age limits of their respective playing divisions.