2017 Rosters



Astros Blue Jays Expos
Jeremy Niksic Tim Lyons Brian Visser
Jake Aldape Jack Boyle Eddie Fleck
Luke  Brady Michael Cihocki Marty Furlong
Chauncey Jackson Jimmy Czerwinski Micky Joyce
Dylan Kelleher Matt  DiFilippo Paul Lieske
Patrick Mangin Joe Kratzer Jacob Nardo
Conor McKeon Connor  Lyons Jacob Pacheco
Jack  Morrison Owen  Lyons Patrick Quirk
Connor Nelligan Tony Macellaio Jack Tomkins
Leo  Niksic Charlie  McClorey Quinn Tyrell
Aiden Schickel TJ McNichols James Visser
Emmett Stratton Connor  Pula Paul Westphal 
Padres Pirates Red Sox
Bill O’Hara Chris Rosso Joe Bullington
Tommy Amado Emmet Barry Axel Rubalcava
Brayden Bartecki Christopher Bennett Thomas Gricus
Brendan Holmes Charlie Duggan jack Bullington
Wyatt Levins Casey Gallagher Jack Donnelly
Owen  Manning Jackson Haffling Brendan Dillon
Timmy O’Hara Austin Hohman AJ Van Dellen
Ryan O’Malley Nick Kilmer asael Rubalcava
Jack Osborne Luke  Rosso Luke Breier
Roderick  Pierce III Connor Shomody Luke Dunleavy
Dillon Stapleton Nick Waldrom lucas Olszewski
Matthew Ward Joe Waszak Gerald OHare
Vincent Ward      Joshua  Green




Our Purpose

The object of this club will seek to implant in the youth of our community ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty and courage.

This objective will be achieved by providing recreational activity for as many of our youth as the organizational personnel deems necessary and as parental participation will allow. All shall bear in mind that exceptional athletic skill and the winning of games are secondary and that the formation of sound character is of prime importance.

Though the name Evergreen Park Boys Club may be construed as limited, registration of participants will be open to any child, male or female, within the age limits of their respective playing divisions.